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We told you about how beautiful our landscape is. If you come in May we will amaze you with our roses of a thousand shades and we promise you an incredible  palette of colors every season, atmospheres that enchant. Here we like to spoil our guests, in the farmhouse and in our restaurant. Here  we work to offer an unforgettable experience: “savoring” the landscape from early morning until sunset, strolling around in the vineyards and pleasantly relaxing enjoying the soft Umbrian hills and the deep, deep landscapes. Here we own and manage over forty-three hectares, twenty-three of which are planted with vines and six hectares with olive groves. Here we produce Quality Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from sustainable agriculture.

In this place, every day, my family honors the passion of our father, who recently passed away, and who had transformed this place from a neglected country house, almost a ruin,  into a wonderful farm and a Country House. His biggest dream? Produce his own quality wine. We still keep, in front of the cellar door, the old press with which, when he was young, he produced his first wine, in his parents' cellar. Here, at Pizzogallo,  he designed everything according to a simple rule "perfection ". This was him in anything he did. He put so much  love and passion in this project supported by his  strong aesthetic sense. These are the values and the example we have inherited from him and here , we, keep his dream alive with great pleasure, pride and fulfilment.

The vineyards and the olive grove have been set up, and are managed, with a modern, essential and fully respectful of nature concept of viticulture. In the vineyard the spurred cordon system and the high number of vines per hectare, the thinning and the containment of the vegetation limit the production to 70 quintals per hectare, allowing to obtain high quality grapes. The modern and rational cellar is equipped with concrete, steel and wood tanks. We personally manage all the steps, from the vineyards to the bottle, it is a  pleasure to offer  high quality wines. As for the names of our wines we have been inspired by the winds, which not only keep us company here, but also have the useful function of clearing the noxious mists from the vineyards. The names of the wines refer to Anemòi, the Gods depicted in the Tower of the Winds, in Athens, built on the deductions of the Greek mathematician, astronomer, geographer and poet Eratosthenes of Cyrene (200 BC), which identified eight winds: Boreas (N), Kaikias (NE ), Apeliotes (E), Euros (SE), Notos (S), Lips (SW), Zephyrus (W) and Skiron (NW). To these we have recently added Kaikias, a rosé, our newly  born