Pizzogallo - Amelia

Zephyrus – Ciliegiolo

Ruby red color with bright purple veins, primary aromas typical of the grape with a hint of morello cherry, complex and fine bouquet, deep spiciness with a structured and persistent palate.

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Skiron – Sangiovese

Clear ruby. Dry plums perfume,cloves, rhubarb and laurel. Balanced, warm, silky and withvivacious tannin.

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Notos – Vermentino

Yellow mantle from the pale greenshivers, captures the sense of smell with fresh perfumes of pear,plum, bark of lemon, musk, sage and sprout of flint. Greatgustatory cleaning, it lengthens fresh and sincere on a slim wakeof aromatic grass.

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Lips – Traminer

Gilded yellow of good brightness.Endowed with an huge olfact patrimony, marked by tones ofpeach syrup, mature pineapple and multi-flower honey. Savoryand savory, it has a big body, equilibrated and winding aromaticending.

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Euros – Chardonnay

Strong character, a missed Red!.Bright pale yellow with strong gilded nuance. Sincere andvivacious smell with fresh signs of white fruit, citrus and jasmine.In mouth doesn’t leave space to languors, sharp and straightit crosses the palate with freshness and flavour but with a warmand citrus persistence.

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Boreas – Merlot

Ruby dressed of noble expression,inviting smell, run after tones of raspberries jam, candy fruit,licorice, milk chocolate, aromatic woods and blonde tobacco.Mouth consistent, rich of fruit and sweet spice.Round and persistent.

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