Pizzogallo - Amelia

Zephyrus – Ciliegiolo

Vinification – Delicate de-stemming then fermentation of the must starts on its pomace. It takes place at a controlled temperature between 20-22 ° C (68°-72° F). Frequent, delicate pumping over and punching down to extract color and structure. Soft pressing after about 14 days of maceration.

Maturation – In stainless steel tanks with at least 6 months of aging  on the fine, post-fermentation lees.

Alcohol – 14.0% on average

Main characteristics- ruby red color with bright purple veins, primary aromas typical of the grape with a hint of morello cherry, complex and fine bouquet, deep spiciness with a structured and persistent palate.

Recommended pairings – it is a wine that goes well with grilled meats. Excellent with Deer stew and Guinea Fowl which are part of our local tradition

Serving temperature – 16-18 ° C (61°-65° F)

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